People ask us is this legal?

We as a licensed pharmacy within Mexico follow all the legal rules (WITHOUT EXCEPTION) within our country and by law we are legally able to dispense and release for shipment your ordered medicines providing proper documentation is attached to clear customs.  It is up to YOU, to ensure you are able to legally receive these medicines within your country.

All medicines we dispense are shipped according to and following all the legal parameters here within Mexico to ensure correct dispensing, shipping and proper labeling of your ordered medicines,  as all packages & parcesl must clear export and import customs; WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.

Step 1: You appoint MexicanPharmacy.com.mx as your agent for the limited purpose of signing all documents on your behalf to obtain the co-prescription necessary in the country where dispensary is located as you would do normally if you were present to sign those documents yourself.  This is for and Including, without limitation; any authorized  physicians licensed in the country where the dispensary is located and any dispensary or pharmacists being retained by MexicanPharmacy.com.mx  on your behalf as required for limited purpose of obtaining Co-Script and dispensing your order.

  1. The Sale of Products are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction from which products are dispensed to you or your agents.
  2. You agree products purchased from this website are dispensed from corresponding dispensaries partnered with MexicanPharmacy.com.mx:
  3. Products ordered thru MexicanPharmacy.com.mx & Partnered Dispensaries are predominantly from Mexico, so packaging & labeling may be different from items available locally
  4. Your are responsibe to ensure that use of MexicanPharmacy.com.mx and items purchased thru MexicanPharmacy network will comply with the laws where you are located.

Dispensing & Delivery

Orders are processed for both local dispensing and international shipping. All orders dispensed by lead pharmacist within 48 hours after payment confirmation for In-stock items. For all out-of-stock items, you must allow 3 to 5 days for product to arrive into our pharmacy and then release for dispensing.

Once dispensed, it will be picked up by your local agent or carrier and shipped to you at your destination. Local dispensing within Mexico is next day delivery via DHL. International shipping is completed by the exporting agents on your behalf and delivery times vary upon option of shipment.

  • Registered Parcel Delivery = 14 to 18 Days
  • EMS Delivery = 8 to 12 Days
  • DHL Local = 24 - 48 Hours
  • *You are appointing the courier or postal service to act as your agent for the purposes of accepting your dispensed items and have them delivered to you.
  • **A $15.00 Co-Prescription Fee is added for each order placed thru MexicanPharmacy.com.mx for dispensing.