Our Border Pharmacy Established 1978 

Who is MexicanPharmacy.com.mx?  We are an online Mexican pharmacy supplying prescription medicines from Mexico. We have been in business since 1978 when we were first opened our doors which were located on the border with the USA,. After 1999 we relocated our facilities from the border to the interior of Mexico due to the increase of crime and threats to our employees. At that time we became a closed door type of pharmacy, supplying patients thru our on-line site, supplying hospitals, clinics & doctors


Our Online Pharmacy Established 1993

Our online site (this one) was one of the original “group of 5" On-line Pharmacies which went on-line in 1992; this was before html and any images were able to be viewed. Back then it was all a bulletin-board type of appearance with green flourescent text. We evolved over the years and have attempted to update our site thru this time, increasing our inventory line and simultaneously dropping other items.


Reliable Authentic Prescription Medicines

We supply you with prescription medicines which have only passed thru licenced importers, distributing companies and other pharmacy agents. Our supplied medicines have proven over the years to be reliable and without issues as to authenticity. We recall being told by numerous pharmacy associations back then (pre-internet 1992) that  "No-one is going to buy medicines online, 23 years later, we're still here, Online"


Eliminate Lost Time & Ensure Your Confidentiality

When you order from us, you eliminate the lost time at the doctors office waiting room, ensure confidentiality in your medicinal needs as we follow H.I.P.P.A. rules regarding privacy matters. The physicians reviewing script requests are licensed, as are the compounding pharmacist. We can't be all things to all people and we don't supply controlled or pain medicines; due to the majority of misuses of those vital medications


Dispensing Brand & Generic Medicines Legally

All dispensed medicinal items are professionally prepped, packaged, dispensed, invoiced and released to exporting agents to process and legally clear export customs with all accompanying documentation, ensuring customs clearance and delivery globally where permitted.