Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

H.I.P.P.A. Privacy Policy

All information submitted to via the Internet, phone, fax or mail is held in the strictest confidence. The information submitted is used by our staff, physicians, and pharmacy for the sole purpose of processing, dispensing, and delivering your Mexican prescriptions.



This notice describes the privacy practices of and its affiliates, the associated licensed physicians and pharmacies, with regard to the health information provided by the customers. These companies and physicians have agreed to the terms of this Notice of Privacy Practices.

Through this privacy notice we inform you of our commitment to protecting private health information and of patients rights to access health information. No other legal relationship between these physicians and companies is created or implied, except the one described in this notice.

We are aware that information about your prescriptions and your health care is private, and we consider it as personal information. In order to issue prescriptions for our customers we must record information about their health, such as medical questionnaires, prescription profiles, prescriptions, and billing records.

As required by law, we hereby present you this notice of our privacy practices currently in effect. The Notice of Privacy Practices asserts our commitment and the commitment of the physicians and pharmacies to the protection and confidentiality of your health information as well as your rights concerning your health information, including your right to inspect and amend your health information. Through this notice we guarantee to keep private the health information of our patients and are bound by the laws authorizing or requiring its disclosure under certain circumstances.


Except for certain circumstances explained below, we will not use or disclose your personal health information for any reason unless we have your written authorization. You may revoke at any time any given authorization to release your health information, to the extent we have not yet disclosed the information pursuant to the authorization.

A. We Use Your Health Information to Fill Your Prescriptions. In order to issue you a prescription and allow physicians to evaluate your prescription request we may use or disclose your protected health information. In this case, your health information will be first provided to a licensed physician for approval and then to a licensed pharmacy for the purpose of filling the prescription.

B. We Use Limited Information to Obtain Payment for Prescriptions. We may use through Secure Encryption Technology limited information such as your name, billing address and phone number, and credit card number, in order to obtain from your credit card company payment for the prescriptions. For customers paying by check, we also provide your checking account number to a check processing service. No health information about you is disclosed to the credit card company or check processing service.

C. We May Use Health Information for Health Care Operations. We may use or disclose health care information for our operations, for instance to evaluate the quality of care services we provide our customers . In order to offer you treatment or obtain payment our company and affiliates, the physicians, and pharmacies may also disclose health care information to each other as necessary.

D. Refill Reminders and Information about Treatment Alternatives. We may use health care information to contact you by e-mail notifying about prescription refills, inform about treatment alternatives or other health related benefits and services you might be interested in. In case you so not wish to receive this information please advise our Privacy Officer by any of the methods described at the end of this Notice.

E. Disclosures as Required by Law. In compliance with the law, and if the federal, state, or local law requests it we may use or disclose relevant protected health information. For instance, in cases of suspected abuse, neglect, domestic violence or certain physical injuries, or to respond to a subpoena, or order of a court or administrative tribunal we may be required to disclose your health information.

F. Disclosures for Public Health Activities. If a public health agency authorized by law, such as the Food and Drug Administration, M.H.R.A. or other requests such, we may disclose protected health information for public health activities such as preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability.

G. Disclosures to Coroners and Medical Examiners. For patients who have died, in order to help coroners and medical examiners to carry out their duties, we may be required to disclose health information.

H. Disclosures Concerning Organ Donors. If you are an organ donor, organizations such as procurement organizations, eye banks, and other similar organizations may request us to disclose information concerning your health or drugs we have prescribed.

I. Disclosures to Avert a Serious Threat to Health. If we consider, in good faith, that the release of your health information is necessary to prevent or minimize a threat to your, public’s or another individual’s health or safety, we are permitted by law and standards of ethical conduct to release the health information.

J. Disclosures for Health Oversight Activities. If a health oversight agency for monitoring and oversight activities authorized by law requests it, we may disclose your health information. For example we may release health information to the state agency that licenses pharmacies for the purpose of monitoring or inspecting pharmacies related to that license.

K. Disclosures for Workers Compensation Purposes. We may release protected health information about you if required to do so by laws governing the workers compensation or other similar programs providing benefits for work related injuries or illness.

L. Disclosures to Business Associates. We may disclose protected health information to certain businesses assisting us with our Health Care Operations. In this case, we will sign contracts with them requiring that they keep protected health information private and secure.


1. Right to Request Confidential Communications. You have the right to request that we communicate with you in a certain way or at a certain location, if you do not wish to communicate with us through the regular communications means, such as by e-mail at the e-mail address which you provided. We will not ask you the reason for your request.

In order to request a confidential communication please obtain our ‘Request for Communications via Specific Means or at Alternative Locations’ from our Privacy Officer, and submit the completed form to our Privacy Officer.

2. Right to Request Restrictions. You may ask for restrictions on how we use your health information or to whom we disclose it. You are allowed to request this restriction even if this affects your treatment, our payment, or Health Care Operation activities. However, we may not agree to your requested restriction and, if necessary to treat you in an emergency situation, we may use your information without complying with the restriction.

In order to request a restriction, please obtain our ‘Request for Restrictions on the Use and Disclosure of Health Information’ form and submit the completed form to our Privacy Officer.

3. Right to Inspect and Obtain a Copy of Your Health Information. You may inspect and get a copy of health information that we have on file, such as prescription records and billing records. Please obtain our ‘Request to Copy or Inspect Records’ form from our Privacy Officer and submit the completed form to our Privacy Officer. Please note that we may charge a fee for the cost of copying, mailing, or services associated with your request. Under certain circumstances, the law provides that we may deny your request to inspect or copy these records. In this case you may request that the denial be reviewed by a licensed health care professional chosen by us who did not participate in the original decision to deny your access to review your request, and the reasons for the denial.

4. Right to Request an Amendment to Your Health Information. You may request an amendment to your health information, in case you consider the information within your medical record is incorrect. Please send your request to our Privacy Officer at the address listed below, including the requested amendment along with a reason you believe your health information should be amended. However, if we did not create the information or we consider the information is correct, we may not honor your request. Your request for amendment of your information will be addressed within 60 days From the date we receive it, unless we advise you that we require an additional 30 days.

5. Right to an Accounting of Disclosures. You may request a list accounting for any disclosures of your protected health information we have made, except for uses and disclosures for

* Treatment, payment, and health care operations,
* Disclosures to you,
* Disclosures pursuant to your authorization, and
* Disclosures for certain other limited reasons specified by law.

In order to request a list of disclosures, please obtain our ‘Request for an Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information’ form and submit the completed form to the Privacy Officer. Your request must state a time period which may not be longer than six years, and may not include dates before April 14, 2001. The first list you request within a 12 month period will be free. For additional lists, we may charge you for the costs of providing the list. We will mail you a list of disclosures within 60 days of your request, unless we advise you that we require a period of up to an additional 30 days in order to comply with your request.

6. Right to a Paper Copy of this Notice. You may obtain a printed copy of this notice at any time. Please request the printed copy of this notice from our Privacy Officer at the address listed below or view and print a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices from our website.

7. Effective Date. This revised Notice of Privacy Practices is effective 01/01/2009 and pertains to all protected health information we maintain.

8. Changes to this Notice. We reserve the right to modify this policy and make the revised policy effective for all health records we already have as well as for any future information. A copy of the current notice mentioning an effective date will be posted on our website. Also, when you request medications from us, our current Notice of Privacy Practices will be available to you. You may also obtain a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices by requesting it by telephone, by e-mail or in writing from our Privacy Officer.

9. Complaints. While we are committed to protect your health information, should you have any questions, requests, misunderstandings, complaints, please fell free to bring them to our attention by contacting our Privacy Officer using the contact us form on our web site with the subject Att: c/o Privacy Officer. You also may complain to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services or his or her authorized representative if you believe your privacy rights have been violated here in Mexico.

We address any concerns and complaints in the most serious manner and if we made a mistake, we will do our best to correct it.

10. Privacy Officer and Privacy Contact Person. If you have any questions about this notice or wish to exercise any of your privacy rights, please contact the Privacy Officer, or the authorized representative, by e-mail using the contact us form on our web site with the subject Att: Privacy Officer.

11. Acknowledgment of Receipt of this Notice. We will request your acknowledgement of this notice when you request our products or services. By selecting ‘Yes’ on our terms and conditions policy, you verify that you have received a copy of this Notice of Privacy Practices, and agree with all the terms. Please select ‘Yes’ only if you have received, read, and agree with this Notice of Privacy Practices.